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Defining Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. Innovation is the production or implementation of an idea. If you have ideas, but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative. Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being…creativity requires passion and commitment. Out of the creative act is born symbols and myths. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness-ecstasy. A product is creative when it is (a) novel and (b) appropriate. A novel product is original not predictable. The bigger the concept, and the more the product stimulates further work and ideas, the more the product is creative.

Innovation is the production or implementation of ideas. The National Innovation Initiative (NII) defines innovation as "The intersection of invention and insight, leading to the creation of social and economic value. Innovation means making meaningful change to improve an organization’s products, services, programs, processes, operations, and business model to create new value for the organization’s stakeholders. Innovation should lead your organization to new dimensions of performance. Innovation is no longer strictly the purview of research and development departments; innovation is important for all aspects of your operations and all work systems and work processes. Organizations should be led and managed so that innovation becomes part of the learning culture. Innovation should be integrated into daily work and should be supported by your performance improvement system. It can come in many forms in a business, including something as esoteric as occasionally scheduling private helicopter flights for transportation in place of hiring a car service. For innovation to flourish, organizations must create an environment that fosters creativity; bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration together — exchanging knowledge, ideas and shaping the direction of the future.

According to the IBM 2010 Global CEO Study, which surveyed 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, CEOs believe that, "more than rigor, management discipline, integrity or even vision – successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity."

CEOs say creativity helps them capitalize on complexity "The effects of rising complexity calls for CEOs and their teams to lead with bold creativity, connect with customers in imaginative ways and design their operations for speed and flexibility to position their organizations for twenty-first century success."

Amen to that! If we are going to find solutions in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and complex, we cannot rely on traditional ways of leading and managing.

Creativity is a crucial part of the innovation equation. Creativity is a core competency for leaders and managers and one of the best ways to set your company apart from the competition. Corporate Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Generating fresh solutions to problems, and the ability to create new products, processes or services for a changing market, are part of the intellectual capital that give a company its competitive edge. The creativity can take on many forms, and might be as simple as identifying an empty space in the marketing of a product, such as starting a car rental agency that specializes in renting luxury cars in Houston as opposed to simply renting standard traditional cars.

Creativity requires whole-brain thinking; right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition,plus left-brain logic and planning.

A study by George Land reveals that we are naturally creative and as we grow up we learn to be uncreative. Continued here.

Creativity is a skill that can be developed and a process that can be managed. Creativity begins with a foundation of knowledge, learning a discipline, and mastering a way of thinking. We learn to be creative by experimenting, exploring, questioning assumptions, using imagination and synthesizing information.

Learning to be creative is akin to learning a sport. It requires practice to develop the right muscles, and a supportive environment in which to flourish. Business leaders are increasingly adopting the principles and practices of art and design to help build creative muscle in their organizations.

Secrets to Buying Fans on Facebook

How to earn a lot more Facebook fans is the ultimate question asked by many marketers. Web sites — particularly business websites — desire likes. One way to acquire visitors to your website is by developing a Facebook page for your company, with links back to your website. After that, get as many people as you possibly can to like the page. The more Facebook fans you have, the more people will get to know about your services and products. You will want to get a big quantity of Facebook fans for your venture. Should you be unable to accomplish that, or choose to leave out this step by merely waiting for likes to come to you, it's not likely that your site is ever going to receive the traffic you're hoping for.

get fans on facebook
Get Fans on Facebook

A great way to get lots of people to like your page is to buy fans on Facebook. There are many websites out there that are prepared to sell you Facebook fans. You need to, nevertheless, budget carefully and decide the amount of money you will be willing to spend on these likes. Be sure you use a trustworthy and reliable service provider, such as OfficialFacebookLikes.com to avoid spending money on any of the deceptive providers which are becoming more and more widespread on the Internet.

The next technique of getting Facebook fans is by subscribing to a relevant group. You could begin by searching for groups that have the same interests as those of the page you want to get many likes for. Upon having identified the group, you should try and promote your page to that particular group. You might get some people liking your page as a result of this. Make certain that the group you sign up for has similar interests to those promoted on your page, because this is the only way you will be able to get a lot of people signing up.

Facebook has long been the leader in how people on the Internet pass out social signals, or specify to other what they like and what they follow. But if you're interested in increasing your social standing on the web, you shouldn't neglect other prominent social networks such as Instagram and Google +1. As with Facebook, you can purchase fans for both Instagram and Google. And you'll want get Google Plus One votes as well. Combining positive votes from several social networks by many visitors will ensure that your website gets noticed, and gets more visitors.

Get Google Plus One
Get Google Plus One

Yet another way of having your page known to prospective clients is through getting numerous Twitter followers. As in the case of Facebook likes, you may also get these by means of advertising. Just like you would if you wished to buy Facebook fans, this will cost you some money. This is a system which has been tried and found to be very effective. The beauty of advertising is that the advertisements will be aimed towards the appropriate audience for maximum gains.

Get Followers
Get Followers

One easy strategy to obtain fans is by just promoting the page among your own friends. You probably have not understood just how many likes you can aquire by just suggesting the page to your already existing fan base.

The above strategies ought to help you get some Facebook fans. But to get real volume — to receive many hundreds or many thousands of fans very quickly, you'll want to look at the initial method — you may want to invest in Facebook likes and visit a website like Social Viewers. Buying Facebook likes provides you with the benefit of accumulating plenty of fans very quickly. Which is a good thing. Should you spend a lot of your time getting your Facebook fans, your Internet marketing approach won't have a way to hit when it is at its freshest, latest and most productive. Waiting around will simply set you up for a disappointment before you even get a possibility to really get started.

Microsoft Excel and Office Courses In the Classroom or Online

Microsoft Office is an office series of affiliated computer programs and tools for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X OS's. Office includes presentation graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint), word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and various other software that provide services which are routinely employed to run a place of work.

To produce and distribute presentations, Microsoft made PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations may incorporate animations, sounds, and videos and they are available in a slideshow layout by employing a PC and projection screen.

To produce spreadsheet docs for home and business use, Microsoft developed Microsoft Excel. A spreadsheet consists of a grid of rows and columns which can be used to organize, key in and calculate records. Multiple spreadsheets may be combined to consolidate information across categories. Templates for balance sheets, expense reports, and sales reports are available in the application.

MS Word is a word processor app and among the set of primary applications within the initial package of MS Office. Microsoft Word provides rudimentary desktop publishing capabilities and is essentially the most generally used word processing application you can find.

Microsoft Office is gathering a number of resources and specialized capabilities in it which are made to bolster work productivity. Office incorporates the applications PowerPoint, Excel, Word plus more. When undertaking on a person's own to master Office it is likely that a person may end up discouraged and perplexed. To realize an expert level comprehension of Microsoft Office, a range of lessons on Microsoft Office are offered.

Microsoft Office Classroom Training
Microsoft Office Classroom Training

MS Office instruction helps you acquire the most out of the powerful collection of programs. Trainings, regardless if led by an instructor or PC-based, gives a technological technique to getting to know MS Office and allows you to be capable without squandering time in experiments. There exist various ways to obtain this kind of education. These include training books to video tutorials, from class training to professional training, and lastly to online tutorials. As MS Office is a combination of numerous applications, its courses are segregated by applications. You can find testimonials of real students of Office learning courses online. The most powerful are video testimonials.

As of late all areas of business use personal computers each day in one fashion or another to help them compete with rival firms. In stock control, by way of example, almost all of the workers would definitely make use of an Excel training class, mainly because it may allow them to better evaluate details about stock stream. Because lots of firms only form a link in a product's supply cycle, quickness can sometimes be of the essence. More beneficial use of Excel's numerous features would better facilitate a stock control lineup to render improved exactness when developing minimum stock levels, factoring in periodic variations, turnaround periods and discounts on mass purchasing levels.

As with quite a few programs, distance learning and Office education go hand in hand. Most such courses have been optimized for the mobile web so that Internet users who rely on mobile devices can take full advantage of the online courses. Online courses educate you on the basic principles of the numerous apps that define the Office software. Right after getting through it, you can see just how much less complicated it is to utilize and exactly how much less strain is actually upon you. Schooling is predictable for the progression of your corporate relevant skills, and the basic resolution is to gain coaching.

Office online training courses has made the path simpler for many who are under pressure to obtain a grasp on Office. Office learning online lets you find out about each and every program independently and teaches you how to get a solid command of all these products. Office is one of the foremost points that an employer looks for within your job application when you are in a technology marketplace. Online Office courses allows you to gain the recognized standard that might connect you with the top path to success.

Creativity In Everyday Life

We all marvel at other people's artistic achievements and ingenuity. But most of us fail to nurture our inner innovator. Start living creatively and reap the benefits—including fewer relationship headaches and more fulfilling workdays.

The tattoo artists throughout Russia's prison system have never had lessons in painting technique (nor, apparently, hygiene training). They don't have ink and tools at their disposal. And yet they create entire murals on one another's chests and backs: onion-domed cathedrals, intricate cobwebs, chilly grim reapers. And they're not just beautiful decorations—they are coded biographies, telling those in the know their bearer's history and affiliations.

One would be hard-pressed to find a tougher environment than the jails where these artists work. Their ink is made from soot shaved off their shoes and mixed with urine. It's injected via guitar strings attached to electric shavers. The tattoos are a brutal mafia ritual. But they're also a mark of determined resourcefulness and self-expression.

When we think of creativity, we think of Mozart, Picasso, Einstein—people with a seemingly fated convergence of talent and opportunity. It's too narrow a set of references, because the truth is that all sorts of people, possessing various levels of intelligence and natural ability, are capable of engaging in fulfilling creative processes. Just because you'll never be Brando or Balanchine doesn't mean that you can't harness your idea-generating powers and make your life your own masterpiece.

Some do so every day. Pete Herzog noticed that his three kids rarely drove the expensive battery-powered toy car he had bought them for Christmas because it was always out of juice. One afternoon he spotted a broken solar-powered garden lamp rolling around and took off its panels. He hooked them to the toy-car battery, using parts he melted off the lamp's circuit board. Now the car, left to bake in the sun all day, is always ready for joyrides.

Herzog is director of the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies, a nonprofit dedicated to researching how security works in all aspects of our lives. His job requires him to think like a top-notch computer hacker. So it's not surprising that he can solve nagging problems in his own backyard. But he doesn't think of himself as a creative person! Buying into a limited definition of creativity prevents many from appreciating their own potential.

That would be a shame in any era, but in today's economic environment, no one can afford not to innovate, whether it's doing more with a shrinking budget (household, corporate, you name it, it's contracting), or positioning oneself to join a new industry. You may have to be creative to survive right now.

The good news is that you can build up your innovative abilities in many ways—by doing things (noticing details in your midst, wearing your hair in a new style) that don't sound intimidatingly ingenious. You can simply get to know your personal problem-solving style—everybody shines at different stages of the process; understanding where you fit in gives you a big advantage. And perhaps most important is adjusting your overall attitude toward life—approach your experiences with an open mind and cultivate the belief that possibilities and solutions are always within reach, and you'll be equipped to handle any challenge with flair.

"Every day, we use language to speak sentences that have never been spoken before. We express thoughts that have never been expressed. All of this is so deeply ingrained that we don't notice how creative it is," says cognitive scientist James Patterson, co-editor of the book Tools for Innovation.

The concept of everyday creativity was defined, assessed, and validated in 1988 by Ruth Richards, Dennis Kinney, and colleagues at Harvard Medical School. They defined it as expressions of originality and meaningfulness. Rebecca Whitlinger, the executive director of the Cancer Caring Center in Pittsburgh, tapped both areas when surveying her voluminous and seemingly useless collection of bridesmaid gowns, in all their gold lamé and satiny peach splendor. The clichéd promise "You'll definitely wear this again!" swelled into an evil chorus each time she opened her closet. She resolved not only to wear them again, but to wear them everywhere. Whitlinger enlisted friends to take snapshots of her wearing her maiden gowns to construction sites, to passport photo sessions, to the voting booth, and even on a parasailing expedition.

Then it occurred to Whitlinger to translate the shenanigans into a fund-raising event for Cancer Caring Center. At "Ushers Unlimited and Bridesmaids Revisited," guests were encouraged to wear an outfit (such as a bridesmaid dress) that they would ordinarily be unable to wear again. "A couple got married at the event, making it the World's Largest Wedding Party," she says. Novel? Check. Meaningful? Well, the fund-raiser grossed $90,000 between 1998 and 2001.

"It's too bad that when considering what endeavors may be creative, people immediately think of the arts," laments Michele Root-Bernstein, co-author with Robert Root-Bernstein of Sparks of Genius. "It's the problem-solving processes they exhibit rather than the content or craft that make them so. Just about anything we do can be addressed in a creative manner, from housecleaning to personal hobbies to choosing to travel in a private chartered jet."

Imagine you wake up one morning and put on electric-green eye shadow instead of your usual beige tint. Then you call a friend and invite her on a spontaneous road trip to a city you've never visited. While there, you order dessert for lunch at the local diner. Then on the way home you tell a long, hilarious anecdote that makes your friend laugh for two minutes straight. Would you call such a day merely interesting, or an expression of your creative self?